Card Fight! Fights in Tight Spaces

Card Fight! Fights in Tight Spaces

In these Corona filled times, sporting events and leagues across the country are being postponed. One such example is the Elite Ice Hockey League, the best place to go to watch some hard hitting brawling with a dash of ice hockey. Where might I find something than can quench my desire for some fighting? Later this year, Fights in Tight Spaces might fill the puck-shaped hole in my heart.

Coming from Ground Shatter, with publishing duties helmed by Mode 7 (Frozen Synapse, Tokyo 42), Fights is a card-based tactical fighting game that looks extremely stylish.

With over 150 cards to choose from, you’ll be able to create a fighting style that suits you down to the ground. Along the wy you will pick up injuries or enhancements, all while bringing down criminal organisations across the world.

For me, as long as I can get fighting like this, I’ll be happy.


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