Carrier Command 2: The Commandier And The Carrierier

Carrier Command 2: The Commandier And The Carrierier

In a surprise announcement this week, MicroProse has unveiled that they are finally releasing Carrier Command 2.

It’s about time, I suppose – The original was released in 1988, so it’s good to see that in the age of crunch and rushed releases that they’re taking their time with this one.

Named the 56th best computer game ever by PC Gamer UK in 1997, Carrier Command was one of my favourite games I owned on the Atari ST. Admittedly a few years have gone by since then, but its combined-arms, open world strategic gameplay was ahead of its time, allowing you to command and control a robotic aircraft carrier complete with squadrons of aircraft and amphibious assault craft across an expansive ocean.

This is Triangle Two on final approach to Rectangle One. Permission to land?

The ultimate aim of the game was to destroy the enemy carrier, a mysteriously cunning and elusive foe. For many hours my brother and I hunted it in vain, doubting its very existence. Once I did find it, but my brother was out of the house and it was months of being called a liar before we finally saw it again.

Back in 2012, Bohemia Interactive took a swing at the property with Carrier Command: Gaia Mission. Sadly, it suffered from a troubled development cycle resulting in horrific AI with severe path-finding issues. Hopefully this time around, with a different development team we’ll finally see a worthy follow-up to the original game.

What excites me most about this trailer is that the game actually looks like Carrier Command. It’s blocky, it’s pixelated and even the HUDs remind me my youth spent circling polygonal islands in triangular Manta fighters. I’ll be crossing my fingers for this one.

Carrier Command 2 is planned for a Spring 2021 release on PC.

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