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The Reticule is moving.

The Reticule is moving.

We are changing servers today! Don’t worry, you won’t have to update bookmarks or anything like that, we’ll still be at the same address.

I just want to keep everyone informed in case things go a bit haywire and we hit a bit of town time. Apologies for any inconveniences that this may cause, I promise to get things settled soon.


Announcing: Under the Reticule! Eternal Silence Community Event

Announcing: Under the Reticule! Eternal Silence Community Event


We’re organising our very first community event! Under the Reticule! will be a regular event where we will get everyone playing the latest and greatest mods and online games with and against each other in a test of our steely shooting skills and social apptitude.¬† This week, in honour of its introduction to Steam, we’re going to be playing Eternal Silence, a Source mod that pits one huge spacecraft against the other, tasking the players with either boarding the ship to destroy it within by applying your best FPS skills, or dog fighting with space-fighters to take it on from without.

Phill and I had a blast playing for an hour or so earlier, and despite some early confusion over what was going on, it quickly became incredibly fun to play. With some loyal Reticulians charging into the fray gallently alongside us, it should be pretty awesome.

In order to join this spectacular event, simply join our Steam community here:

It’s pretty simple, just come online into our chat room for about 6:00pm GMT on Sunday 8th, and we’ll essentially be piling into a decent server with enough room. We’ve got some interesting plans for future events, so even if Eternal Silence doesn’t seem like your thing, we’ll be sure to try new and interesting things every week. We’re of course all open to suggestions for games, so feel free to let us know and we’ll see what we can organise!

In the mean time, you can set it downloading on Steam by clicking on the “Mods” catagory on the store, and clicking on Eternal Silence from there. There is a game manual here, and some excellent fan made videos here.

See you in space!