Check Out The Tokyo 42 Cop Drop

Check Out The Tokyo 42 Cop Drop

I’ve learnt something today, don’t expose yourself to cops! Certainly not in Tokyo 42, they’ll kill you as soon as they get the opportunity if they see you. The Cop Drop mini-game has been shown off in a new video narrated by Paul Kilduff-Taylor from publishers, Mode 7 Games. It’s a bit fun, check it out below.

I’ve talked about Tokyo 42 a few times in the past and it is still one of my most anticipated games of the year, and certainly my top indie game that I am exepcting. I’m most interested in seeing what the cats are all about…anyway, regardless of the mystery of the cats, from what I played at EGX, this is a very exciting game with a perfect blend of gun and sword-play. And of course, killing civilians (by accident of course!) and taking out the evil cops will be very enjoyable.

Anyway, the game is going to be on show at GDC, so hopefully all of the lucky sods who are going will check it out, and share the love. It’s the right thing to do dammit.

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