Cleaning Up The Drives

Cleaning Up The Drives

It has come to my attention that my hard drives are getting somewhat full, I have 38GB left on my 500GB drive and 94GB left on my 250GB drive. In a world where a game like DiRT 2 takes up 10GB of space you start to realise how much of a priority space becomes. When you are in a line of work like I am, you find that space taken up with games, demos, press kits, FRAPS shots, music and any other crap you plonk on your drives.

Of course Steam is the worst offender with just the steamapps/common folder taking up 359GB of my 500GB drive. With a press account and a world of ever faster broadband there is a tendancy to download like mad any game that sparks some interest, fortunately while I may be on fibre optic I have a 60GB monthly usage cap between 8am and midnight. As I can’t always be bothered to stay up til the wee hours I have managed to restrict myself from downloading an excessive number of games.

It really is quite scary how much space we need nowadays, just a few years ago it was rare to find a game over 10GB in size when installed, now it seems more like a necessity in order for developers to get every last bit of detail into the games. I wonder how long it will be until we find 30GB games being standard and people have two 1TB hard drives

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