Cliffski updates us on Show Me The Games

Cliffski updates us on Show Me The Games

There was recently a big sale on at Show Me The Games, the indie games portal set up by Positech’s Cliff Harris. I was keen to find out how the sale had gone, and how the site is doing. Hit the jump for Cliff’s thoughts.

We sold a good few hundred games between us, but not all the devs share sales figures so I don’t have an exact number on that. It certainly attracted a lot of traffic and interest, and we were happy, seeing as though it took very little to set up.

ShowMeTheGames is just a side project that ticks along, and gets new games added to it as they get released. There are not current plans to expand it in any way, but I expect it to stay around forever, because I run it, and own it, and am quite happy to keep it there. I’m sure there will be future developer interviews and other content added over time.

If you are a bit thrown my the numerous ‘Indie Bundles’ flying around the internet, Show Me The Games might be a simple way for you to find out a bit more information about what games are out there, as well as providing easy access to demos and direct purchasing options. You can also find great articles like this making of Frozen Synapse piece. It is a site definitely worth checking out.

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