Command & Conquer Inspired Commanding Nations Announced

Command & Conquer Inspired Commanding Nations Announced

The return of the Command & Conquer brand last year with the remasters of the Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert was met with a warm reception, and served to breathe new life into the C&C forums on Reddit. My casual monitoring of those sub-reddits led me to stumbling across a post about Commanding Nations. This is a prospective indie RTS from a team known as Seven Volts Games which is drawing inspiration from Command & Conquer: Generals, what was a divisive game in the community at one point but has had its image rehabilitated following the disaster of Tiberian Twilight.

From looking at the official site, Commanding Nations is at a very early stage in development, but the team will be launching a Kickstarter soon. I’ll be keen to see how things pan out once the Kickstarter launches, and whether the team gets the funding they need to push on with development. For those who yearn for a certain era of RTS though, this might be one worth keeping track of.

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