Commanding Nations targets February for Early Access

Commanding Nations targets February for Early Access

It was way back in March that I spoke with Pourya ‘Redfirm’ Arami about Commanding Nations, an ambitious RTS taking inspiration from the legendary Command and Conquer. I’ve been quietly keeping track of the progress Seven Volts games have been making, and things seem to be taking shape with an Early Access launch targeted for February 2022 and a Kickstarter campaign soon to kick-off.

Their latest develop diary shows off the early progress of the game, with the potential for some very large scale battles. This far out from the planned Early Access release, you must manage expectation, especially as the team are expecing one to two years of Early Access before launching a final product, but I have to say I was very impressed with the brief tease of some of the music you can expect to hear in the game. The Frank Klepacki influence was clear.

In my interview with Pourya earlier in the year, he spoke about map designs that are unlike anything else out there in the RTS space. The Steam page reveals that the team are planning for one core map, Twin Valley, which will be the focus for much of the action. The map will feature civilian populations which will launch rebellions if the action gets too hot and heavy, while there are promises of detailed environments where shooting down trees to block access routes might prove to be a useful tactic.

I’m looking forward to the Kickstarter launching, at which point we will hopefully start to hear a lot more about this ambitious game.

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