Creepy New Pathologic Trailer Is Creepy

Creepy New Pathologic Trailer Is Creepy

A creepy new trailer emerged at the tail end of last week for the Kickstarter version of Pathologic, a trailer which I sadly missed at first, otherwise you would have seen me talk about it much sooner. The Kickstarter for Pathologic is 13 days from closing at just under $20,000 away from being funded, and the project is bringing back all sorts of memories of when I was starting out with writing about games. Hit the break for more details and that creepy new video.

I say that this project is bringing back memories as in the most recent Kickstarter update, Ice-Pick Lodge designer Ivan Slovtsov said one little sentence that reminded me of a piece that I brought back from the dead earlier this evening. Ivan said the following:

I’d also like to tell you what Pathologic will “feel” like. Pathologic is many things, but one of things it is not—it’s not fun.

This reminded me of something I wrote six years ago on my ancient blog, The piece was called ‘Do games have to be fun to be good?’ and is something I have dragged out of one of my old hard drives as I feel it ties in somewhat to what Ivan is talking about. Be wary though, the writing isn’t necessarily my best piece of work. Find it here if you want a trip back in time.

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