Crysis 3 Announced – Release 2013

Crysis 3 Announced – Release 2013

EA have today announced that Crysis 3 is definitely coming and will land next year on the PC, 360 and PS3. There is no mention of a WiiU release, which is a likely indicator of the below-par performance of Nintendo’s next machine. The third game in Crytek’s series will put you in the boots of ‘Prophet’ in New York city in 2047, though as you might be able to tell from the screenshots, New York isn’t quite as it seems.

The city has been turned into a Nanodome by the Cell Corporatation and Prophet is on a revenge mission against the globe domination mega-corp. Prophet has a special composite bow, an enhanced Nanosuit and the use of alien tech to help him in his fight. Take a look at some of the following images to get a feeling for the world you will be able to inhabit next Spring.

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