Daleks In the Mojave

Daleks In the Mojave

Back in 2013, I wrote about Fallout: Who Vegas – a small but polished mod that added a rather innocuous-looking blue police box to the Mojave wastes of Fallout: New Vegas. Inside the police box lay a massively detailed and functional rendition of the Tardis, pulled straight from the British institution that is Doctor Who.

Now it’s 2015. Over two and a half years later, not only is the mod apparently still going strong, but it looks like the development team might just be putting the touches on a final version. The Foundry team behind it is promising an expanded quest line involving travel through both time and space, featuring items, locations and enemies from both classic and modern series of Doctor Who.

The Tardis itself has also been expanded with new rooms, and systems of its own. If you’re not a fan of Matt Smith’s rather gaudy looking Willy Wonka style copper console room, why not swap it out for David Tennant’s coral style, or even something a little more in the classic white?

I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been looking forward to this for quite some time, and with a total development time of nearly five years in total, Fallout: Who Vegas looks like it might just turn out to be a little bit special.

(Disclaimer: The developers of this mod quite liked the preview I wrote back in 2013, so named a spaceship in the mod after me. I’m not part of the development team, nor do I profit from this mod. Nevertheless, I’m quite fond of that spaceship, so try not to crash it into the sun.)

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