Daniel Erickson talks up The Old Republic at Eurogamer Expo

Daniel Erickson talks up The Old Republic at Eurogamer Expo

Having already broken EA’s pre-order record long before the December release date there is a lot to expect from a developer that has never produced an MMO before. The release date of Bioware’s first venture into the genre was announced at the Eurogamer Expo last weekend and lead writer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Daniel Erickson was on hand to talk in a bit more detail about the game.

“Our hope is that everyone who has not played an MMO before will come into The Old Republic treating it as a single player game and you can actually play all the way through the classes, levels one to fifty, in single player but there are some great multiplayer elements that we are going to tempt you with and there are a lot of things you can get only from the multiplayer side of the game. Ideally we’re going to take those people and teach them how to play an MMO and enhance their experiences in The Old Republic”

“Each class has a full Star Wars trilogy of chapters with each chapter in the story its own piece. Chapter one is longer by quite a bit than the average play through of the original Knights of the Old Republic and there are 8 different classes to choose between”

The verdict is still out on whether Bioware can pull off an MMO with no previous experience, but with an enormous amount of history and success behind them in the RPG genre at least we know the storyline and characters will be great.

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