Dark Souls PC Petition

Dark Souls PC Petition

I am a one man juggernaut of hot steaming manlove for Dark Souls here at The Reticule, but here’s some news that could potentially get more of my colleagues playing the game (please also note that neither of those hyperlinks are actually linking to man-love). RPS uncovered a forum post over at the Namco Bandai forums, in which an administator suggested that a Dark Souls PC port was a possibility, if people showed enough interest.

A petition has been made and as we people of the internet know, there are few things more powerful than a petition. So far there are over 50,000 signatures, including my own and hopefully yours too after reading this. Seriously, if you are a PC gamer and have any interest in playing brilliant, challenging games that buck the mainstream trends with clever design and seamless worldbuilding, you owe it to yourself to add your name to this.

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