Darkfall delayed at the last minute

Darkfall delayed at the last minute

It still has dragons and windmills in it for all we know, so it can't be all bad.

The developers at Adventurine have decided, five days before it was scheduled to be released in Europe, to hold Darkfall Online back another month and instead release it on the 25th of February. In an attempt not to utterly fail at release day as so many MMORPGs do, the 22nd of January will instead be the release date of a free trial/beta. Not everyone will be allowed access on the first day, but apparently they will gradually increase the allowed number of people. This should hopefully allow for a relatively painless launch when the time comes. Due to the game’s relatively hardcore nature, its community is already close-knit and eagerly waiting to maul each other, so this can’t come as very pleasant news so few days before the promised release date.

I do hope they know how to take advantage of this: even juggernauts like Valve can fail to properly release a multiplayer game (remember the first week of L4D?), and MMORPGs have always been notoriously hard to open to the public.

6 thoughts on “Darkfall delayed at the last minute

  1. Hmm not the best to delay it so close to launch, but an extra month development in an MMO can make the world of different. Hope they aren’t too adversely affected by this.

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