Simple, but pretty.

I’ve had another gander over at TIGSource and found this little gem. It’s called DarkRun and it joins the slew of music based games that seem to be slipping out of the Indie factory, all pristine, retro, chic. Like friend-of-site Roburky’s Reset, there is a singular track to play through, and both the enemies and your goals are based on the peaks and troughs of the beat and the melody.

The premise is simple; you are a small red circle with a line through it, and your task is to collect as many little green and blue circles as possible. They appear on the beat, and when you pick them up they let out a lovely little chime that corresponds to where the track is at the time. Attempting to foil you are bass-based circles which move and pulse to the beat, usually hanging annoyingly close to the goal circles, and possessing their own minor gravity that makes control a little tricky. Once you get the hang of it, the constant reward of hearing the little chimes creates a wonderful little disjointed melody. I only managed to get to level 18, but it was fun all the way. The neon retro nature of the visuals is also rather wonderful.

Damn, I forgot to make a joke about the Mysterons.

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