Dawn of War 2 Beta Approaches

Dawn of War 2 Beta Approaches


Moving on from yesterday’s story, Relic have announced that the multiplayer beta of Dawn of War 2 will begin on the 21st of January for all owners of Soulstorm, and the rest of the world can get their greedy mits on it on the 28th. The whole thing will be distributed through Steam (hurrah!) and will feature all the playable races and five maps, although, unfortunately, it’ll feature some Games For Windows Live kafuffle that’ll probably sour the experience somewhat. Well, I guess it could turn out all right in the end, right? It’s due a good implementation by now, and Relic’s own matchmaking systems have been less than perfect so far. I’ll throw up a detailed impressions once I’ve given it a play in a few weeks. It’s gonna be orky!

2 thoughts on “Dawn of War 2 Beta Approaches

  1. It seems to me that GFW live is going to start becoming as essential as Steam to the PC Gamer. Whether it’s a good thing or not is entirely up to the boys at Microsoft – but with the Fallout 3 DLC and this fast approaching, I can definitely see it clogging up my memory for the next few months at least.

    Can’t wait to try this out though – hopefully they’ll be liberal about any kind of NDA and let us do an article on it.

  2. As far as I can see, this looks like a sort of unofficial demo that they can excuse as beta when people complain about bugs, which is, y’know, rather clever of them.

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