Dead Space 3 Screenshots And Details

Dead Space 3 Screenshots And Details

If you were following Ben’s liveblogging of EA’s set at E3, you’ll know Dead Space 3 was announced. Now here are some specifics of what it will include along with some screenshots to examine for clues.

DS3 by EA-owned Visceral Games continues the story of Issac Clarke (I still cannot get over the ridiculousness of that name) who has so far survived necromorph outbreaks on a colossal space-ship and an equally gigantic space station only to crash-land on an ice planet which somehow ‘holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever’, which is at once incredible bad look and remarkably handy. I mean, imagine if he had crash landed on some other planet. Awkward.

This time around Issac is joined by John Carver, a butcher’s son soldier who will be controllable by a drop-in-drop-out co-operative player. The two of them will have to contend with both the planet’s Necromorph community and environmental hazards like avalanches and native fauna. Issac will make use of his engineering skills to create and upgrade weapons and tools. I wonder if that will be in the form of collectables and ‘craft’ menus or plain old you-got-a-thing cutscenes.

I admit, I never did play either of the first two games. After System Shock 2, it’s hard for a sci-fi space-set action horror to hold your attention and the demo – as demos often do, to be fair – felt plodding and dull. I keep hearing good things, though, so maybe I will give them a go when a Steam sale comes around.

Dead Space 3 is to be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next year. Here are some screenshots to tide you over until then. As usual, click for full view.

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