Deadlight Is A Thing Released Today

Deadlight Is A Thing Released Today

This had passed me by completely. After almost three months on XBLA,  Deadlight -a side-scrolling platformer with a strange mash-up of old-school mechanics and zombies – is hitting Steam today. We have a very dark trailer to give you a taste of delicious, delicious infected flesh.

The set-up itself is curious. A paranoid and introverted protagonist call Randall (a name and mental health problems, that’s a good start) traverses dangerous terrain (not bad) and packs of zombies (won’t hold it against you) in the apocalyptic world of  the US west coast in 1986 (well that’s int- wait, what?!). Throw into that moody lighting and a ‘narrative driven experience’, since it worked so well for Limbo, and you’ve got yourself a potentially compelling set-up, both thematically and mechanically.

[youtube id=”KH4bRUekXNs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Deadlight will be available on Steam later today for £8.50 or $12.75, should this bite you.

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