Deus Ex 3 “to get Bioshock Atmosphere”! *facepalm*

Deus Ex 3 “to get Bioshock Atmosphere”! *facepalm*


Fans really are as every bit as irritating as developers. And so are journalists that write such misleading titles. The subject of my ire here is basically one of total miscommunication and hear-say. Eurogamer yesterday created an article titled “Deus Ex 3 to get Bioshock Atmosphere“. Their source? A dodgy translation of a Czech article on Deus Ex 3 (here’s a link to the article run through Google Translator) Instead of focusing on Eurogamer’s little blunder, I’m going to focus on the articlem which has some pretty nice information to digest.

The first thing that struck out to me was talk of a “global rescue mission”. Is it only me who’s imagining something like the sequence in The Dark Knight where Batman “arrests” the Hong-Kong businessman? With all the tools at your disposal in Deus Ex 3, it could be a delicious combination of planning and execution.  Some of the hints about the setting look brilliant as well. The social stratification caused by mech-augmented individuals looks great, and certainly the art style combined with this should prove for an unforgettable experience.

And what about that art style then? What the Eurogamer article managed to omit was it wasn’t the actual Bioshock style that they want to emulate in Deus Ex 3. It’s the sense of coordination of narrative, setting and aesthetic all combined in order to create a unique atmosphere. In this case, it’s Renaissence Cyber Punk. Funnily enough, not anything new, so quite why some of the comments throughout the dank forum pits of the world are complaining that Deus Ex 3 will just try to be another Bioshock is beyond me. It’s for this reason I tend to think fans can be quite irritating most of the time really. Look at Fallout 3, that’s all I can say. Despite repeated attempts by the developers to indicate they were going back to the atmosphere of the first game (as is the case here in terms of gameplay features) the fans complained from here to high heaven, and in the end, funnily enough, it turned out alright. People need to stop judging games before they know anything, that’s all else I can say on the matter.

Basically, I think Deus Ex 3 is shaping up brilliantly. I cannot wait to see how it developers further.

One thought on “Deus Ex 3 “to get Bioshock Atmosphere”! *facepalm*

  1. For some bizaare reason i read “duke nukem 3D ‘to get bioshock atmosphere’!” as the title, leaving me rather bemused as i read it, only realizing that it said DEUS EX at the end. Facepalm indeed. Anyway, nice article.

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