Diablo 3: Eternal Collection – The Verdict

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection – The Verdict

This is the fourth time that I’ve reviewed Diablo 3. Way back when in 2012, I took a look at the base game, a couple of years later I focused on the Reaper of Souls update and finally, I reviewed the PlayStation 4 release. Now, I take on the Switch version with the Eternal Collection.

When talking about the Switch version, it’s worth noting that it costs quite a bit more on Nintendo’s little beauty compared to the editions that you can find on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Interestingly though, you can’t buy the Eternal Collection on the PC, if you want the Necromancer class, you must buy the game (perhaps bundled with Reaper of Souls), then the Necromancer class as an add-on.

Killing big bads. Always fun.

What you do get with the Switch release of the Eternal Collection is a gem of a game that runs flawlessly both in TV and handheld mode. Digital Foundry have a great breakdown of the performance on the Switch. While I haven’t played this version online, it does support the various forms of local co-op that you would expect; simply split out the joy-cons and you are straight into co-op, while you can connect two devices over Wi-Fi for multiplayer action. Even without a Nintendo Online sub, you still get access to all of the seasonal content, leader boards and assorted rifts.

Upon booting up the Eternal Collection, I was immediately struck by how much Diablo 3 has evolved over the years. Thanks to Reaper of Souls, you no longer need to endlessly play through the long slog of the Campaign to level up. That expansion introduced Adventure Mode and the associated Nephalem and Challenge Rifts, though at that point you still had to complete the Campaign once to unlock Adventure Mode. The great thing about Eternal Collection on the Switch, is that you can dive into Adventure mode from the start. No slogging through the Campaign required. Simply boot up the game, select a class and get stuck into the action.

Get rifting from the very beginning. Why not?

If you haven’t played as the Necromancer on the PC or another console, I’d heartily recommend diving into action with this powerful throwback to the earlier Diablo titles. While I’m yet to play around with every class in the game, I love the dark stylings of the Necromancer. Summoning skeletons with one of the first skills you unlock is a wonderful visual, while after culling some enemies, you can then explode their body parts in a fountain of blood and gore.

Blizzard have recorded new dialogue for the Necromancer class, but with this version of the game, I don’t expect many people to be paying attention to the chatter between characters, unless of course you are entirely new to the game. Rather, I envisage people putting something on the TV, picking up their Switch and blasting demons away while Sabrina battles with her internal witchy torment. It works perfectly for a quick 10-minute blast here and there, the platform and action of the game working together to make for the ultimate pick up and play experience.

Summoning creatures as the Necromancer is great fun!

If you already own the game on other platforms, you won’t find any new exclusive in-game feature that would make this a must buy (unless Zelda themed items really do it for you), and if you’re tired of the changes that come every Season, you might want to give this a pass. However, if you still love the Diablo 3 experience like I do, the added functionality offered by the Switch makes this the premier platform to play it on. And if you’ve never played Diablo 3, and are just looking for something new to play on your Switch, you won’t go far wrong with the Eternal Collection.

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Platforms Available – Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Platform Reviewed – Switch

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