DICE Unravel The Battlefield 3 DLC/Pre-Order Mystery

DICE Unravel The Battlefield 3 DLC/Pre-Order Mystery

Angry Internet Man has been shouting loud and proud over the past few days, ranting about the Physical Warfare Pack which was announced as coming as part of the UK pre-order special deal. The anger arose when people thought that the Physical Warfare Pack was going to contain weapons which would only be available to those who pre-ordered the game from the select retailers.

Further anger has been lurking since the announcement of the Back to Karkand expansion pack/DLC which has been pitched as being free for those who pre-order the game, but will be paid for content after release. You can’t forget the rumblings of discontent that have been stirring as people start to fear that Battlefield 3 will be sold online exclusively via EA’s new digital distribution platform, Origin.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation about the digital distribution stores that you will be able to get the game from, DICE have come out to attempt to quell the flames of anger.

In this Battlefield blog post DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson confirms that the Physical Warfare Pack will definitely be made available to all Battlefield 3 players later this year. He also describes Back to Karkand as being a “massive themed expansion” which is being developed by a separate team at DICE to the core Battlefield 3 team, that it won’t be day-one DLC and that it won’t be content that is already contained on the game disk.

Hopefully this will enable calm to prevail amongst Angry Internet Men, at least until they get their knickers in a twist over something else.

I for one couldn’t care less about pre-order bonuses like the Physical Warfare Pack, they are throwaway bonuses, the real pre-order incentive is the chance to get a copy of Back to Karkand when that is released for no extra cost. For those worried about Origin, wait for confirmation on the release channels and actually check the service out. It isn’t a GFWL debacle.

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