Digital Eel Launch Kickstarter For New Infinite Space Title

Digital Eel Launch Kickstarter For New Infinite Space Title

There are massive, galaxy spanning 4x games that take hundreds of hours to play your way through; games like Sins Of A Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations. Fantastic, mindbogglingly enormous games that will eat vast portions of your life.

And then there are games like Strange Adventures In Infinite SpaceMicroscopic, fast moving games that will eat your lunchtime and your coffee break. With the Infinite Space series, Digital Eel achieved the seemingly impossible by squeezing galaxy spanning adventures into brief 20 minute bursts.

This week, Digital Eel arrived on Kickstarter to announce their plans for Infinite Space 3: Sea Of Stars. Cited as one of the driving inspirations behind FTLthe Infinite Space series combines turn-based decisions with fast paced real-time combat in a short-term adventure that you’ll have finished before your coffee’s gone cold. But not to worry, the replay value has always been enormous, with randomly generated galaxies that are never the same twice.

The three man crew behind the Infinite Space series have tragically become two since the death of their art director, Bill Spears, but despite the small team, the quality of their games has never been anything less than extraordinary. Asking for the microscopic amount of only $30,000 to complete Sea Of Stars, I’m really hoping they get it.


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