Disco Elysium – The Verdict

Disco Elysium – The Verdict

Amazing. Game of the Year candidate. Buy it now.

There we are, I’ve just finished Disco Elysium and I’m at a loss for what to say about it. There aren’t enough superlatives to explain how good this game is, Studio ZA/UM have created a masterpiece of RPG, murder investigation and deep-dive into a broken man’s psyche. It’s a game that, despite some inadvertant spoilers, left me speechless at a key moment.

It’s certainly not a game for everyone, some will bounce off the immediate weirdness of some aspects. Others will lean deeply into the political choices that determine your path through the game. I myself was a devout moralist, sitting slap bang in the centre and trying my best to be a boring cop.

I considered Disco Elysium to be my game of the show at EGX last year, and my time with the full game has only cemented this game in my mind as a gem.

I could write a few thousand words about this game. But sometimes, as Disco Elysium taugh me, less is better.

The Verdict – Red Mist
Platforms Available/Reviewed – PC
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