Dishonored Gets Animated – The Tales from Dunwall

Dishonored Gets Animated – The Tales from Dunwall

The Tales from Dunwall is a three part series of animated shorts which act as prequels to Dishonored by providing a background to the world of Dunwall, the city the dominates the game. The first part, called The Awakening can be viewed after the break. It is a lovely pieces of work with some hand-drawn scenes with a score by Daniel Licht from Dexter and narration by Kick Ass star Chloƫ Grace Mortez.

One thought on “Dishonored Gets Animated – The Tales from Dunwall

  1. I love when games, by industry wishes or fans’ affections, spark new works of art in different media. This video specifically makes me even more excited for the game by just giving a name to the city’s woes. Esmund Roseborough.

    Great animation style that I don’t think I’ve seen before. I didn’t notice the score but it worked it’s magic all the same. Still, I think the VO actor was a poor choice, or at least poorly directed. The US accent jars with the British styling of the world and her performance is (intentionally?) dull and emotionless.

    Here’s waiting for part 2.

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