Divinity: Original Sin Coming June – New Trailer

Divinity: Original Sin Coming June – New Trailer

I might have talked about Divinity: Original Sin very briefly earlier this month but some big news has emerged along with a new trailer that I can’t resist sharing with you all. Well, I know that if I don’t share it I’m just going to want to play the game now, even though I have promised myself to stay strong and wait until it is released before playing again.

The team at Larian announced yesterday that Original Sin will be released on June 20th with the news coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the completion of their million-dollar crowdfunding campaign. The guys at Larian have a nice blog entry where they discuss the dangers and advantages of Kickstarter and Steam Early Access. There are two important sentances that are worth reading:

We could never have afforded such continued development on Divinity:Original Sin without the support of our backers, and if it weren’t for them, we for sure would’ve had to release it sooner.

Divinity:Original Sin that will ship is not Divinity Original Sin 1.0 but instead Divinity:Original Sin 2.0

Indeed, to see a quick comparison of the changes that have been made in recent months check out the trailer below:

Or if you want a longer look at the game with some discussion from the developers you can check out this 23-minute video or read the teams latest Kickstarter blog which talks about the latest update to the Steam Early Access build.

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