Don’t be Sad: Assassin Blue(s)

Don’t be Sad: Assassin Blue(s)

Oh, and the artstyle ain't half bad either.

This is a fun little thing; Assassin Blue, a 2d platformer where you play a morally ambiguous assassin for a government in an unnamed country, tasked with killing people. Very paradigm shattering. Only it’s quite hard, and rather amusing at the same time. Your first target is the 3rd President the country has had in the last 2 months, and as such he’s decided to learn how to hurt people with big bits of metal. So instead of having an easy target, you’ve got a mentalist within a whirlwind of spinning blades. Fun.


I’m not going to write too much because I think I have flu, but suffice it to say the game is a lot of fun, the controls are rather tight and there’s a nice little semi-optional combo move unlock system that gives you the ability to kill enemies while your character says ‘Pathetic!’ or ‘Too slow!’. That, and the little conversations between missions is often rather amusing. It’s very faux Bond; full of betrayals, cock-sure (hehe) rivals and a lead who is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Truly a modern epic. Apologies for the lack of text, but at least there’s lots of pictures!

Much like the end to each day of my life.

You can download it here, or play it in-browser (requiring a plugin install) here.

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