Doom 4 to be written by someone who can write…

Doom 4 to be written by someone who can write…


… which is something the series sorely needs.  Seriously, there is only so many times Hell can mysteriously kick down the inter-dimensional doors of reality before we need to see some facts.  Generic we-hate-everything baddies were all well and good back in the 90’s, but nowadays we want some motivation for our villains, thank-you-very-much!

The fellow who has been drafted in is a professional Sci-Fi writer (or Speculative Fiction if you are a lit snob) no less, Graham Joyce.  Can’t say I’ve heard of him, but Sci-Fi novels tend to be outside of my usual reading/writing area.  However, his wikipedia page (the finest of all last minute research destinations) says he’s written a rather substantive collection of Sci-Fi, which can really only be a benefit to Doom.

I liked Doom 3 for the most part, but a more in-depth story, free of conventional “plot” points would be nice.  And duct-tape for our guns, natch.

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