Double Fine Loves You Lots

Double Fine Loves You Lots

Are you part of the road crew?

Psychonauts is probably one of the most brilliant games of recent times, so it’s fitting that Double Fine (the blokes wot are behind it) have released Psycho-Pedia, a collection of information about the game, the characters, the levels and the Citizens of Lungfishopolis. This is, apparently, just the bare bones they’ve put up at the moment, with the option for fans to throw up fanart and other fan-isms when they want. A few gems of the site below the cut.

In the Videos section there’s some excellent media taken from G4 about the game, and some brilliant little shorts done for MTV2 set after the end of the game, but before the children’s parents come back, mainly focused around the Lungfish trying to settle down in the camp. Hilarious.


There’s some wonderful concept art littered around the site, all placed in the section for what they depict. The Citizens of Lungfishopolis piece is wonderful. So is Mr Pokeylope’s.

The Horror.

Essentially that is all there is on the site at the moment; concept art and videos, and a few interesting facts about the characters and enviroments, especially The Milkman Conspiracy. Hopefully the site will thrive and soon be a gem of Psychonauts information.

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