Dovetail Games Expand Relationship With Microsoft – Train Simulator to Xbox One!

Dovetail Games Expand Relationship With Microsoft – Train Simulator to Xbox One!

Dovetail Games, the team behind Train Simulator and the recent rebirth of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam are expanding their relationship with Microsoft. Find out more, after the break.

Dovetail Games interest us (or maybe just me) here at Reticule Towers. They were once known as and solely worked on the Train Simulator franchise, but in December 2013, they changed to Dovetail Games and immediately expanded their focus, as I found out in my interview with the VP of Brand and Acquisition.


With projects like Dovetail Games Fishing, an inevitable new Train Simulator under their belts, the company are now expanding on their blossoming relationship with Microsoft which first kicked into gear last year when the brought Microsoft Flight Simulator X over to Steam.

The team at Dovetail will be bringing their next range of titles to both Windows 10 and perhaps more important, the Xbox One. Dovetail Games Fishing and the new Train Simulator 2016 will appear on Microsoft’s home console via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. While it is confirmed that the follow on to Microsoft Flight Simulator X will also come to the Xbox One, it isn’t clear from the press release whether that will land via ID@Xbox, or whether there will be a more formal publishing agreement in place.

Dovetail Fishing Vista

Before I get to the quotes, enjoy this (pre-rendered) footage of Train Simulator 2016 and get ready for the extreme!!

Now for the obligatory quotes, first from Dovetail Games CEO, Paul Jackson:

“Expanding our business to embrace new opportunities is key to our ongoing success, and we are delighted to be collaborating closely with Microsoft.

Microsoft, of course, has a rich heritage in simulation entertainment, thanks to their experience with the Flight Simulator franchise, and we feel confident our products will be well received both on Windows 10 and Xbox One by a new generation of players looking to pursue their passion.”

Followed neatly on by Director of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla:

“We’ve always been huge fans and supporters of the simulation genre and its place in the gaming ecosystem, and Dovetail Games’ understanding of this space through the breadth of their portfolio is second to none. We’re very excited to have them on board and look forward to bringing their games to our platforms.”

It is certainly good to see Dovetail making moves into the console market, with the bizarre success of Farming Simulator which landed in second place in the UK charts, there is clearly an appetite out there amongst console gamers for simulation games.

Certainly though, the confirmation of Dovetail Games Flight Simulator should get a number of people excited.

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