Dovetail Games Fishing – Get Casting in Early Access

Dovetail Games Fishing – Get Casting in Early Access

I meant to drop a line about this last week, and I had thought about baiting in readers by giving the Early Access build a play…but yes, Dovetail Games Fishing launched on Steam’s Early Access program last week. As my fishing puns are now depleted, please read on without fear.

You can get into the Early Access build for ¬£4.99 on Steam right now, but be warned that the price will rise as the game progresses along the development path. I’m not sure how much the game will ultimately retail for, but this seems like a fair price for what is a very feature limited version of what Dovetail Games hope will be the ultimate fishing experience.

The current build is listed on Steam as being about 20% feature complete, and at the moment features the full casting mechanic along with some limited reeling. The fish that currently populate the fishing hole in the game are randomly generated at the moment and are solely present to give players an experience of the mechanics in the game.

There is a handy developer video which shows off what is in the current build, take a look:

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