Dragons Galore In New King Arthur II Trailer

Dragons Galore In New King Arthur II Trailer

God bless Gamescom, it is an event that is really growing on me. Trailers like this one for King Arthur II definitely get a nice little tick in the ‘yes please’ box. Seriously, just look at the swarming dragons, it is quite a delightful sight to behold.

If you want to know what to expect from the sequel to a game that I really quite enjoyed then take a look at these new screenshots and read the features list:

Key features:

King Arthur is now the Maimed King, trying to mend a land torn asunder and heal himself
Striking plotline, heroic battles and expanded morality chart that unlocks new features
Large scale battles, with bigger armies to defeat more powerful foes
Intense boss fights, where the hero’s forces are pitted against unique and terrifying foes
Wide range of camera control options, revised animations and an extensive tutorial

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