Dual Universe: Beta Release news

Dual Universe: Beta Release news

Dual Universe somehow managed to fly under my radar for a long time.

I wasn’t even aware that it was a thing until, bored one day, I was searching for upcoming space-games and it popped up on a Reddit thread as something to look at. Look at it I did, and then after I’d picked my jaw up off the floor we sent out for more info from Novaquark, the Canadian developers of the game.

It looks good…

Dual Universe is an open world (or universe) game where you build, craft, trade and do Pew Pew. It has a persistent world and, allegedly, one server hosting every player…. It’s ambitious to say the least.

The opening cinematic is below:

This for me would be hook enough- I love persistent universes (having lost WAY too much time to EVE) and having everyone on the same server sounds epic. Well, chaotic, but also epic.

On top of that, the other thing that really grabbed me was the damage model of the ships- see there appears to be some sort of voxel-based damage system so you can quite literally blow chunks out of peoples ships. It looks incredibly detailed and has potential for some exceptionally deep emergent-gameplay if ship-systems are tied to this.

Watch the vid below for a taste:

Yup, looks good doesn’t it!

On top of that, pile-on a player-based economy, player-designed and built ships/stations/bases and, well; we could have something special here. If it all works.

Being able to build, fly, and walk around a ship I’ve built is the kind of experience I’ve wanted ever since I was a young’un playing the First Elite and watching The Next Generation.

I’m blatantly going to be building an Akira-Class ‘Inspired’ spaceship…

The first game to get this right is probably something I (and many many others) will lose themselves in for years. I’m impressed by how polished the game looks, how the mechanics already look good and how well thought out everything looks. It’s clearly a game being made by developers who get this medium and know what they’re doing. That said, until I’ve got my grubby little mitts on it you just never know.

The Beta goes live August 27th, and you know what… I’m mightily tempted

Here, have a media dump and then check back for more news when I have it, i’m going to be following this one closely:

The ability to design and build your own ships could destroy my free time…
….for example
Teamwork makes the (space) dream work
Some concept Arty
More Arty.

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