Duke Nukum Wants You! (To play DOS games in your browser)

Duke Nukum Wants You! (To play DOS games in your browser)

Pixelated badassery. I advise you not to have a problem with his name.
Yes. Nukum. Have a problem? Take it up with the man directly, in his lair. If you wish to venture to the surroundings of this lair (with the possible goal of understanding what the hell it is I’m talking about), don’t hesitate to visit http://www.classicdosgames.com/online.php.
It’s a neat (literally, for there’s no need to overload your Games folder with tens of folders, each holding a megabyte or two of data) for trying out old classics like Heros I: The Sanguine Seven and Vinyl Goddess From Mars.

No, hey, come back. It seems to have a fair amount of “real” classics as well (Jazz Jackrabbit, Loom just to name two of them). As an added bonus, it’s probably legal as well (legality is always a bonus in Western society), as most of the things are either old shareware versions of the games, or games that have been designated as freeware by the publisher after it’d been off the market for some time.

I don’t understand the magic behind it with more insight than “it runs in JAVA”, “the sounds don’t seem to work” and even “don’t open multiple games in multiple games, you’ll slow your computer down to pre-286 levels”. Nevertheless, it appears to work reasonably well.

Now you’re allowed to go. Just make sure it’s in the direction we point at. Which is hereabouts.

Actually, while we’re at it, don’t do the following:

hrm, if you quit commander keen from the in game menu your get a dos prompt…. cool.

I typed del *.* to see what would happen.

It deleted 73 files… I wonder what they were o.O

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