Dwarf Fortress 0.34.01 Released

Dwarf Fortress 0.34.01 Released

After almost eleven months under construction, the newest instalment of the eccentric rogue-like Dwarf Fortress has been released on the Bay12Games website.

The newest update completely overhauls city layouts, filling them with procedurally generated houses, shops and even a new sewer system to dig through. Lovers of adventure will be able to seek their fortune in the new tombs and dungeons, fighting off the newly expanded hordes of the undead whilst dodging hidden traps.

Highlights from the patch notes:

  • protect your community from secret vampire dwarves or hunt them as an adventurer.
  • defend your fort during the full moon or risk a werewolf infestation — hunt/be hunted as an adventurer
  • armies of the dead in dwarf mode or visit their necromancers’ towers and learn their secrets as an adventurer
  • evil regions where the dead and pieces of the dead can come alive, with evil mists and rain
  • tombs built in world gen which can be visited in adventure mode, either beneath towns or out in the wilds — beware the dead!

For those unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress, it’s a game so completely bonkers that it is possible to bite off someone’s big toe in combat. During my last play-through, I climbed to the summit of  Mount Women (yes, I know.) before managing to freeze both my eyelids shut in the cold atmosphere. Moments later, I was attacked by a giant skeletal eagle that managed to improbably strike me in the back tooth before ripping off my left hand. Cursing my bad luck, I then managed to ward off the eagle for just long enough to blindly plummet off a cliff and dash my brains out on the rocks below.

Death in Dwarf Fortress isn’t just inevitable, it’s comedy waiting to happen.

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