E3 From the UK – A Quick Look at EA and Ubisoft Presentations

E3 From the UK – A Quick Look at EA and Ubisoft Presentations

I didn’t watch the conferences from EA or Ubisoft live, I followed them on Twitter while watching Game of Thrones and Banshee. However much I love games, I do sometimes wonder whether they will ever quite match the story-telling and action found in shows from studios like HBO. Certainly nothing I’ve seen from E3 so far leads me to think we are entering a truly new generation of games, more that the consoles are finally catching up with the power found on PCs for a few years now. Despite this negative view, a few bits grabbed my attention from the EA and Ubisoft events.

First up is Mirror’s Edge which is finally coming back, but this new game is going to be an origin story for Faith. It is probably necessary considering how long it has been now since the first game, and I just hope that it is just nearly as gorgeous and fun to play as the original. This one certainly has me excited, definitely more so than Battlefield 4. The teaser trailer which you can see below doesn’t show much, but it is nice to be back in Faith’s world.

Talking about Battlefield 4, the multiplayer action looks fairly similar at quick glance to what came in number 3. I love the re-introduction of Commander mode, that has been sorely missed since they heyday of Battlefield 2. But the talk in this trailer for it of offering a truly next-gen experience falls flat with me. Apart from being able to using Commander mode on a tablet, how is it taking this forward from the second game in the series. Saying that, I’ll probably still buy it and love it.

The trailer for the new Plants vs Zombies is frankly brilliant, I love it. It will apparently be an action co-op tower defence game rather than the top-down strategy style of the original, but I don’t care. Just look at the trailer and smile. This will be great fun, even if it might not be all that great. Also announced was Peggle 2, rejoice!

Three more EA things then, Command & Conquer which I don’t think was talked about in their presentation, but has a new video.

There as a brutal looking trailer for a new UFC game after EA bought up the licence from Take Two.

Finally from that caught my eye was a teaser for a new Star Wars Battlefront game from DICE, a team who sure are keeping busy right now.

From Ubisoft there was little to have really caught my eye which they haven’t talked about before. There is the Watch Dogs trailer, but I’ve already talked briefly about that. What did get me excited was The Crew and the only racer so far from E3 to have made me pay attention. The whole of the US is on offer to race around, it sounds a bit like Fuel but with potential to be a great game, rather than just a concept. Watch the trailer below, it looks kind of exciting.

They also have a new game with the Tom Clancy name on known as The Division, an open world RPG, but not an MMO. It has my interest, but I want to see more before saying anything too much more about it.

That is my brief run-down on what came from these two giants this year, I wish Ubisoft had shown off more new titles, but what is already on their list with Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends is very good to see.

One thought on “E3 From the UK – A Quick Look at EA and Ubisoft Presentations

  1. Ubisoft offered up one solid conference last year – the Watch Dogs reveal, details on two new Assassins Creed games, Plenty of Rayman Legends Wii U excitement and just a generally solid line up.

    A year on, Watch Dogs doesn’t have its out of left-field impact, those very unfocussed AC games (and a insta-sequel this year) have meant the franchise has lost its lustre and Rayman Legends Wii U still isn’t out. Pretty poor showing really.

    Hyped that Mirror’s Edge is back, I suppose. But we’ll be talking about that at next year’s E3, so… yeah.

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