Early Ninja – Unquestionably A Good Thing. Without A Shadow Of A Doubt. No Alternative Facts Here.

Early Ninja – Unquestionably A Good Thing. Without A Shadow Of A Doubt. No Alternative Facts Here.

The biggest problem faced by Early Access indie developers in 2017 is money. Weighed down by the heavy burden of having vast amounts of expendable cash, many indie developers are forced to slow and in some cases even stop the development of their games altogether.

If only there was some way that developers could not have access to the money people have paid for their time and effort, then the developers would truly be free.  Free to develop to their heart’s content, unburdened by the terrifying difficulties that having a reliable income and money in their saving accounts can bring.

Luckily Early Ninja has just launched a revolutionary new Kickstarter project to aide all those struggling wealthy developers. By signing up to Early Ninja’s brand new ‘early access’ platform, for just a small cut of 15% of the game’s revenue, Early Ninja will withhold your money until completely arbitrary milestones are reached.

That’s right devs, you can sign up now for the exciting chance to not have any money to work on your project, so instead you can have the time to really get to grips with finishing that game.

Developers worldwide have been so excited by the news.

Gamers are equally excited by the prospect of their money sitting in the bank accounts of a third party instead of actually being used to fund the further development of the game they now possess.

If you’re not sold already on this exciting concept, here’s some pie charts straight from Early Ninja themselves.


Wow! With Tech, Taxes and Operations there’s no way this could possibly be a bad thing for anyone!

I am so excited by this new idea that I’m going to pledging an enormous amount of money, just as soon as Early Ninja meets my completely arbitrary milestone target.

Good luck Early Ninja!

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