Editor’s Blog: Three Weeks, Not Much Gaming – Blame the Cycling

Editor’s Blog: Three Weeks, Not Much Gaming – Blame the Cycling

In a normal week, I struggle these days to devote heaps of time to playing games. Between work, spending time with my girlfriend, socialising and watching some of the great TV that’s out there at the moment, there really isn’t enough time in the day. But these past three weeks have been even more challenging for finding gaming time.

You see, the past three weeks have seen a group of nearly 200 madmen ride around France in the Tour de France. I like cycling, and with the potential for another victory for Chris Froome, and hopes for a strong performance from Welsh lad Geraint Thomas, I was keen to take the time to watch the race live wherever possible, or at the least ensure I watched the highlights most evenings.

Once I added another hour each evening of time when I wanted to focus on the action on the TV, it all meant that my gaming time was severely limited. I’ve had a few chances to make further progress in The Crew (of which I’ll have more to talk about soon), while Football Manager has been squeezed in for some very brief sessions.

It isn’t just the act of playing games which I own which I’ve been missing out on. As part of my personal desire to try and clear my backlog of games before moving onto new adventures, I haven’t had a chance to take a look at some of the amazing indie games that have been released, or are nearing release. I’m thinking primarily here about three games:

Rocket League which has recently arrived on the PlayStation Plus free game initiative (along with Steam of course) and has been receiving rave reviews.

The Swindle from Size Five Games which is releasing this coming Tuesday, and I am torn on whether to dive in straight away of wait until I’ve cleared a few more games

Big Pharma which is currently in Beta and looks absolutely fantastic.

But there is good news ahead as Le Tour has come to an end, and so I have a bit more time in the evening to focus on my games. My initial targets are to play some more of The Crew so I can write about it, make further progress with Dying Light (which I am really enjoying), and finally finish Dragon Age: Inquisition in which I am edging ever closer to the finish.

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