EGX 2015 – Day Three Report

EGX 2015 – Day Three Report

Tonight’s EGX Report is brought to you by the power of Heineken, a curry and Wales V England in the Rugby World Cup…this will be a brief summary of the day at the show as I left early on to ensure I was home in plenty of time for the rugby.

Most of the day was spent catching up with old friends. I saw ex-Reticule writer and current freelancer, Ben Borthwick along with the first Editor I worked with, Glenn Lawrence who gave me a shot on (now I later found hardware freelancer and Progress Wrestling fan Mike Jennings and bumped into Craig Hawker as well.

Before the socialising started, I took in some Rainbow Six Siege action. I didn’t know how to rappel, apparently I was the only member of my team struggling like that, but overall had an enjoyable experience.

I took in the very interesting 20 Years of Play Q&A session with Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida and finished off the show with two Indies. Action dungeon crawler Super Dungeon Bros seemed fun, but I didn’t have much time to play. I also saw Bears Don’t Drift, an arcade kart racer which surprisingly enough features bears!!

And that was pretty much it for the show. More detailed reports will come in due course.

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