eRepublik Review

eRepublik Review

Farewell, everyone. Real life holds neither meaning nor significance for me since I discovered eRepublik. My final act within this incessantly real world will be the scribbling of this review, and then that’s it, I’m done. No more will the bonds of mortality restrain me – to eating, to exercise, to responsibility, I say “Pish!”.

Perhaps I pished a little early. As it turns out there’s quite a bit of responsibility to be had within eRepublik, so long as you’re inclined to plod off in search of it. Disgustingly, one of these duties is indeed that of improving physical fitness. You’ll need big strong arms in order to succeed in what I can only describe as the geopolitically-charged fusion of The World’s Strongest Man and multiple-choice exam which characterises the battles (or as eRep cutely terms them – ‘fights’) for territory that form the backdrop for this game. There’s a great deal of warring going on right now in eRep – if you join the eUK today you’ll find the local media moguls stoking nationalist fervour as the country prepares to defend its ally Argentina from quixotic Brazil’s brash behaviour –¬† yet my priorities lie elsewhere.

I truly started to love this game (and I really, really love this game) when I discovered the lubrication. eRep’s political machine is so well oiled, it runs its own Korean hairstyling business. I’ve been playing a mere four days and I’ve already become a regular on the forums, signed up for a degree scheme, and become an integral part of the National Health Service – each of which has been established by the concerted efforts of twelve months of elected presidents, their governments, and the input of opposition parties and the general public. You probably noticed I said ‘president’ rather than ‘prime minister’. It’s true, the eUK (and every other nation) has a president. This is symptomatic of eRep‘s greatest weakness – there’s a deficit of flexibility in the way a nation can be governed. The developers have dictated that every nation must be a democracy, replete with monthly elections for president, congress, and party leadership, so we’ll see no dictators or diffused authority within this version of the game.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the power-mad. Once you’ve reached a certain level, newspapers and companies can be created or bought from less maniacal men, and used to wield power over those creatures who know so little about your true nature, so little. There are investigative journalists eager to pounce on the governments’ new ‘Gulags for First Time Buyers’ scheme, and companies fulfilling the role of provider to every segment of society.The eUK government seems content to allow the free-market to free-marketeer, yet the situation could be entirely different in one of the gazillions (perhaps just zillions) of other countries you could become a citizen of.

There’s only the one server, with a global population of around 50,000 and a UK population of 3,000.¬† There’s a wiki set up, detailing the fascinating history of the world since its inception almost a year ago, and the internet is just brimming with further examples of creativity and passion displayed by the (generally amiable and intelligent) eRep community. Most of the countries speak English, either because they’re populated by netizens who’re familiar with the internet’s most common language, or because they’re really Americans/Brits who’ve gone on holiday and decided they prefer the exotic climbs of some far-flung land. One of the candidates for the eUK’s House of Lords (a bunch of clever chaps who’re not politically affiliated) is having his appointment blocked because he’s busy working as a Thai congressman.

In conclusion: in April, Belgium declared war on the eUK (in the game’s first ever war, no less) not out of animosity but in a deliberate move to be conquered and enter union with its richer, bigger, fish and chippier neighbour. Belgians are represented with their own party in congress and official announcements by our president are often bilingual. I love this game!

  • Developers: Alexis Bonte and George Lemnaru
  • Price: Free! Micro-payments are incorporated – these serve for the purchase of extra cash and the unlocking of level-restricted features prematurely – but the game’s fun without paying.
  • Out Now


10 thoughts on “eRepublik Review

  1. This game sucks. The admins cheat in favor of their real world nation Hungary. Don’t waste your time playing this sorry game.

  2. This game sucks! THe admins cheat in favor of their real world nation Hungary. Don’t waste your time playing this sorry excuse of a game.

  3. Five weeks in and I have to agree with eUSA. This game sux. Admins at very best allow gross exploitation, and do seem to favor Eastern Europe over doing the right thing. The game itself is a few clicks with no graphics. Mechanics are lame. Really- nothing on this game couldn’t have been done with email 20 years ago. Do the world a favor and let this dog of a game and dog of a game company die.

  4. Wow didn’t think that game would have gone like it has like you two are saying. I played it a bit back around the time when Dubble wrote this and while I thought it was okay, I thought there may be problems further down the line. Sad to see.

  5. I also gave up the game. Not only is it about as interesting as watching paint dry, but IMHO it has become nothing but a format for Europeans to say bad things about the US. I got sick of daily rudeness- is that really how it is in Europe? If you do play, be warned- people from Hungary see eRepublik as the MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH.

  6. Yeah- what’s up with that? They have people who do nothing but write papars about how much America sucks. Can’t say it was much fun to read day in and day out.

  7. Someone should start a petition to ban this game from every country outside of Eastern Europe.

    You cannot truly appreciate how bad this game is until you have spent some time in it.

    The background graphics lull you into thinking that you are dealing with a professional development and admin team – Nothing could be furthur from the truth!

  8. I’ve played WoW for over two years and out of the thousands of things I’ve put on the auction house not one has gone missing, but the first week that I played Erepublik my complimentary 5 gold bars disappeared. When I asked for support I got a spam message saying that they would fix the “bug”, then never heard back from anyone even though I continued to play for another month.
    I could’ve been the next President for all anyone knows,? but because Erepublik FAILS I never got a chance. I posted on Youtube my dilemna, now I have replies coming back to me from kool aid drinking Erepubs. Just drink it already!

  9. This game had great potential. Unfortunately, hackers from the “chan” sites have attacked it, destroying the value of the game, hacking into players real life accounts, and spewing gore, porn and racism throughout the game. The admins are terrified of the hackers and do nothing. Avoid this nightmare at all costs.

  10. eRepublik sucks. Honestly if you are reading this comment potential user… RUN. Run as far as you can away from eRepublik.

    Some Facts about eRepublik for you to consider.

    1. The admin team favors what ever nation can pony up the cash.

    2. Admin support is non-existent. If you are hacked or have a bug getting support can take up to 6 months. If they dont just close your ticket outright.

    3. Elections/battles are won by whomever can muster a bigger botnet. The admins claim they check the results but its been proven several times that cheating pays, playing fair does not.

    4. All things require Gold, which requires you pay real money. The rate at which gold is used is changed frequently and with out notice.

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