EU IV Gets a Massive Update

EU IV Gets a Massive Update

I’ve been getting ever further involved in Europa Universalis IV over recent weeks thanks to some fantastic multiplayer matches with friend of The Reticule, Craig Lager. This really is a brilliantly deep game, and one that I am determined to deliver a Verdict on soon. For now though, I will have to play some more as Paradox Interactive have just released a hefty patch for this most grand of grand strategy games.

The main points of the patch are a new set of idea groups for over 20 nations, the ability to swap to play as a vassal that you release. There is a big one that will be very useful for me, two new buttons have been added to the Peace menu, one which will make a surrendering offer the AI will accept, the other is a demanding one that the AI will accept. I know that I’ll be making use of the surrender one. You can find the lengthy patch notes here.
….and you can find the lengthy full list of patch notes here.

Paradox have also unveiled some new DLC packs, one is just another National Monuments pack while the other entitled ‘American Dream’ adds a heap of new events to help you lead the American provinces to independence. That for one sounds like my cup of tea, first though I guess I will have to survive until the 1700s…that might be tricky.

While I am still talking about Europa Universalis I might as well embed these two videos for the game. Tacky, wacky but most of all…fun.

So yes, I need to get back playing this wonderful game. After my failure in Morocco, I have moved onto Ming in China. Massive manpower and gold, but can I keep things stable?

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