Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets Ready for Iberia

Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets Ready for Iberia

It’s strange to think that it was way back in 2012 that Euro Truck Sim 2 first released, even back then receiving a Headshot Verdict from me. Since then, developers SCS Software have been busy releasing American Truck Sim, numerous expansions for both titles and gradually re-working the original ETS2 map. The team are currently busy working on the Iberian expansion which will take players into Spain and Portugal, taking in major cities like Barcelona and Lisbon, along with holiday resorts like Malaga with the latest dev diary indicating Iberia could be with us in early April. Hit the break for trailers and details of what else SCS Software have been up to as they get ETS2 ready for Iberia.

The team at SCS Software recently released a Steam open beta of the v1.40 patch for ETS2, an update which promises to bring a massively revamped lighting system, free updates to the roads around Germany along with two new French cities for owners of the Vive le France DLC.

The lighting system changes have been shown off in the below video which highlights the improved visual effects, along with teasing some of the new Iberian locations. This is a game which had some striking moments when driving into the sunset way back in 2012, and I’m very excited to boot the game up with the beta installed to see the new effects in action. You can find out more about the v1.40 upate and the lighting changes here.

The other change coming with v1.40 that particular interests me is the re-skinning of vast swathes of the German section of the map. You can find all the details of the changes that will be coming with the re-skin in this dev diary, but it goes to show that SCS Software are actively working to bring the older parts of the game up to date and more in keeping with more recent expansions. When I last tried ETS2 back in 2020, I started off in the UK and was left disappointed with a world which had barely moved on since I first explored it in 2012. However, a recent trip through the Italian cities that were added in 2017s expansion showed me what SCS Software are now able to deliver.

What’s more, for those who own the Vive le France content, the free update coming as part of v1.40 for that expansion will add some southern cities to better join the French map with the new Iberian locales. I’m still hopeful of news about a UK re-skin, maybe that will be on the agenda once the team are happy with Germany. But for now, I’m eager to have a virtual holiday in ETS2 come April when Iberia lands.

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