Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets UK Retail Release Date

Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets UK Retail Release Date

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is very nearly here with UK publisher Excalibur revealing today on Facebook that they will be releasing the game on October 26th for UK retail. However, if you are very keen, developers SCS Software have confirmed that they will be in a position to release the game digitally on the 19th of October. I for one and getting pretty excited for this, it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but this series has slowly created a little place of its own in my heart.

If you like to purchase your games using EA’s Origin service, you will be able to get Euro Truck Sim 2 on there for the current sale price of ¬£22.49 while if you prefer getting your titles from Steam, you might have to wait a bit longer. The game is currently on Greenlight, so if you want to see it appear on Steam, get voting.

The following is a fan made video from the beta of the game, it shows off some of the features and some stunning scenery. Anyone else or just me excited about this?

One thought on “Euro Truck Sim 2 Gets UK Retail Release Date

  1. I’d like it if they made a new “Bus Driver”. Really enjoyed the first, but the game play was a tad limited and had its flaws. But it certainly opened my eyes up to some of the other SCS simulation games.

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