Europa Universalis IV: Art of War Declared War Last Week

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War Declared War Last Week

Hard to believe at times that it was back in August that I talked about a host of upcoming Paradox Interactive releases and expansions. It is now November and the latest Europa Universalis IV expansion was released over the Halloween weekend. Find out more on the expansion after the break.

It was last October when I reviewed Universalis, and the Art of War expansion seems to add quite a bit to what was already quite an in-depth game.

The highlights are that there are 900 new provinces and 100 new nations. The new nations are spread around the world with a more divided West Africa and an India that has a greater number of provinces. There are expanded mechanics around the Reformation which will let you get a glimpse of the power struggle that ensued in the 15th Century over the Holy Roman Empire.

If war is your focus, you can take a chance at focusing on the Thirty Years War with a special bookmarked starting date to let you get directly into the action. This is all wrapped up amongst updated autonomy and unrest systems along with changes to how revolutions work during the late game.

I might not have played Universalis much since last winter, but now the dark nights are setting in close, I might dig it out once more and experience the Art of War.

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