Evoland 2 Announced – First Screenshots

Evoland 2 Announced – First Screenshots

I see many games pass me by, float away into the ether. One such game which I missed when it first came out was Evoland, but a while after launch I gave it a blast and had some fun. I loved the meta-narrative on the evolution of adventure and RPG games. The news of a sequel coming out warms my heart.


The original game was a wonderful romp through RPG history with 8-bit black and white moments without sound to 32-bit section with full audio. I didn’t make it all too far through the game, but enough to know that it was a fun-filled, and fairly unique, experience.


Where the first game just let you travel through the gaming eras without any control of where you went, Evoland 2 features a more detailed story where the actions you take will drive the shift in art styles. The sequel will have RPG elements, turn-based tactical combat along with shoot’em up sequences.


The new game is due out on PC and Mac in Q2 next year. Check out the official site for more details.

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