Evoland 2 – New Gameplay Trailer (!)

Evoland 2 – New Gameplay Trailer (!)

There is one game which I will always hold close to my heart, for the simple reason that it is somewhat close to my old nickname…that game of course is Evoland and I was suitably intrigued last year when the sequel was announced. And now, we have a trailer for the new game which is set for release this summer.

The properly titled sequel; Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder expands on the premise of the original with all new gameplay types to explore as you progress and evolve through the game. Creator of the game, Nicolas Cannasse said:

We are very excited to finally show our fans and new players alike what to expect from Evoland 2. To see Evoland evolve from a game jam demo to a much beloved indie title was an amazing journey,and now we are finally able to expand on our original vision. We have had incredible fun creating this game and hope players feel the same way as they explore Evoland 2.

All in all, I think it is safe to say that Evoland 2 is the one true multi-genre game, nothing else can come close to holding a candle up to it’s undoubted brilliance in combining RPG-tropes with side-scrolling action and fighting game (!) elements. Truly, the artwork is stunning:

Out this summer for £14.99, you can find more details on the official site.

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