Evoland developer announces Norse strategy game, Northgard

Evoland developer announces Norse strategy game, Northgard

Shiro Games, the team behind the innovative Evoland  have today announced their next game, and you won’t be role-playing your way through different eras of gaming this time. Northgard is a strategy game steeped in Norse lore and features, among other things, Vikings! We here at Reticule Towers are big fans of Vikings, and have gathered a few screenshots and details after the break.

In Northgard, brave (or foolhardy), Vikings have, after years of wandering the land, found a new home which will inevitably be filled with mystery (deadly winters!), danger (direwolves!) and riches (trading!). Alongside what I presume are normal human based foes, you will have giants to befriend or defeat and undead warriors to defend your tribe against. It’s all starting to sound like an unofficial Game of Thrones strategy game…or is that just me?




As you can see from this fine collection of screenshots, you will have some temperate climes to explore, alongside the cold snowy environs you can see. Your Vikings themselves come complete with the required horned helmets, and their buildings have a charming artistic flair to them.




It’s also nice to see people tilling away at some farmland. Memories of Age of Empires and Warcraft are hard to suppress. Classic strategy games are in short supply these days, with Starcraft 2 holding the fort among a few space-faring games and the plethora of MOBAs that dominate the market these days. Seeing a developer potentially return to the roots of the strategy genre are certainly enticing, and the Norse elements are bound to hold an allure to a lot of people. Am I interested to see how this turns out? Damn right I am.

Find out more on the official website.

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