Evoland Developers Tease New Game – Until Dark

Evoland Developers Tease New Game – Until Dark

There is a little game called Evoland which I dipped in and out of earlier this year, it is a fascinating little game where you travel through the various stages of RPG adventure games with ever evolving abilities and visual style, from 8-bit to a 3D world. It really is quite good, so I am intrigued by the idea of the developers Shiro GamesUntil Dark. The first concept art can be found after the break.

There is little, well nothing known about the game so far apart from this mystic message on the website…

Until Dark is a multiplayer exploration game set in a huge and mysterious world. Taking the role of adventurous heroes, you will team up with your friends to fight exotic monsters, explore, build and survive in a world full of ancient secrets and looming dangers.

Will you be prepared when the Darkness Season comes?


The rough release date is Q2 2014, definitely something to keep an eye on.

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