Excalibur Publishing Expand PC Retail Presence

Excalibur Publishing Expand PC Retail Presence

I am often one to praise the success of digital distribution and wonder whether there will be much room for traditional retail in the games industry in the coming few years, but Excalibur Publishing continue to push against my beliefs with an expanding range of PC titles in the retail network. The British Publisher launched their Extra Play budget range of simulation titles earlier this year which put games like UK Truck Simulator and Falcon 4.0 back on shelves at the £9.99 price point.

Not content with their traditional simulation range, Excalibur have bolstered their Extra Play range with a range of titles from Russian group 1C Publishing. Amongst the new titles to be released are shooter NecroVisioN: Lost Company and racer Death Track: Resurrection.

Excalibur’s Managing Director, Robert Stallibrass had this to say: “Already featuring a strong line-up of titles from our back catalogue and a selection of debut titles, this is PC gaming at a great budget price. In 2012 we are planning to release around 50 – 60 titles of a fully diversified range, many of which are previously unreleased boxed products.”

It is definitely pleasing to see Excalibur trying to keep some life in the PC retail market, clearly there is still life out there despite the ever shrinking displays of PC titles in bricks and mortar establishments.

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