Exploding Detritus: Rock Boshers

Exploding Detritus: Rock Boshers

Damn that social conditioning!

The fact Rock Boshers uses ‘Bosh’ makes me happy. The fact it’s a demake of the brilliant Red Faction makes me happy. The fact I can use my newly purchased 360 controller for my PC makes me happy. That it features zombies, exploding rocks, weird purple gunk and turrets is just icing on the cake. Rock Boshers is small, indie, and a little bit of fun to pass away 20 minutes or so before it gets cripplingly hard and you give up. Impressions below.

The setup is simple; it’s a top down shooter where you play the oppressed worker who is after some tea because he can’t sleep, and you get embroiled in a zombie plot to enslave the masses using purple fungus? I’m really not sure, it wasn’t at all clear and it didn’t really need to be. Some of the lines were very amusing, the plot was secondary to the fun, and I was spending far too much time giggling with glee at being able to use a controller on my PC. No keyboard and mouse, you say? I can play from the other side of my room? I think I shall never leave this utopian gaming paradise again.

As everyone knows, zombies are yellow.

Most of the time you’re only trying to go from one end of the map to the other, solving basic puzzles on the way, but occasionally it all gets a little more complicated and you have to pick up objects, turn others off and really make things a whole lot more difficult for yourself. It’s a clever little game, and it’s extremely basic visuals only make the ridiculous nature of it even more amusing. There isn’t a huge amount of Red Faction here, but there’s enough to make it vaguely nostaligic. I really should track down my copy.

You can download it here, and find out more on the website here.

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