Fallout 3 1.1 / DLC Release Date Information

Fallout 3 1.1 / DLC Release Date Information


Bethesda have released a few bits of information and and a patch for all you intrepid wastelanders out there. First off, there’s the patch here (and patch notes here). They’ve also put up an entry on their blog giving us a release date of January 27th for the first batch of DLC (Operation Anchorage).

Rather more subersively, the patch installs Games for Windows Live, regardless of your intention, or lack of, to buy the DLC. While the DLC looks nice, I can totally understand people don’t want to have to install something that’s basically designed to aggressively market their products via installing yet more software onto your PC, especially in a patch. Stay tuned for more info on the DLC, which we’ll be reviewing the second it comes out.

Also, note that the direct Bethesda link has been giving me some trouble – their mirrors seem fine though.

Edit: For our heathen console based brethren, the patch is out for that as well, and should notify you as per the usual way that your majik boxes do these things.

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